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Lachenal 48 Key Edeophone

This concertina has been sold
Type : English
Make : Lachenal
Model : 48 Key Edeophone
Price : £2750
Concertina Description

Only the second concertina that I have taken on commission .

This is a really good Lachenal Edeophone -which I sold to the client many years ago but which now is no longer played.

It has ebonised ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and 6 fold bellows.

It is number 59633 which is a great period for this model-and this is a particularly nice one with fantastic reeds which play at a touch and are quite loud-although a good concertina can always be played more quietly-poor concertinas only have one dynamic-but ones with great reeds have options.

It is in good condition with sound bellows and no sign of leaks. It has obviously been restored in the recent past and the only thing that I would do to it is have the thumbstraps replaced- as they are showing signs of age but still work well.

It comes in its original case which is still useable.

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