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Lachenal 30 Key in Bb/F

Type : Anglo
Make : Lachenal
Model : 30 Key in Bb/F
Price : £2000
Concertina Description

This is quite a rare concertina-not in model-it is purely a rosewood-ended anglo and we have a load of those -but it is-and was made in Bb/F -which we do not see very often.

It is just a little lower in tone than a C/G -and to a lot of peoples ears -it is more pleasant in sound than the more common one.

It is just back from restoration where it has been fitted with new pads, straps, valves, bellows, metal buttons instead of the original bone-and tuned to concert pitch. It has also had a refinish of the woodwork. As a result it is in lovely condition and has a very good set of reeds -so it looks and plays really well!

Recently i have had a lot of requests for Bb anglos as they sound so nice and can be great for singing with .

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