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Jeffries 51 Key Duet

Type : Jeffries Duet
Make : Jeffries
Model : 51 key
Price : £2200
Concertina Description

One of those rare beasts-A Jeffries  Duet.

This is one of those with Jeffries own Duet system and complies perfectly with the Andy Robshaw layout which can be found on the exception that it is based around Bb -not C-as a lot of these are.

It is scuffed on the woodwork and the bellows ends but other than that it is in very sound condition with good reeds , solid bellows and no major damage or issues. It is stamped "Jeffries Brothers 23, Praed St"

It has been restored with new pads, valves , straps and tuned to concert pitch.

These Duets are not what everybody is looking for but they sound great and are very hard-wearing-and they are not east to find if you are hunting for one.

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