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Wakker A5 Anglo in C/G

This concertina has been sold
Type : Anglo
Make : Wakker
Model : A5 in C/G
Price : £4700
Concertina Description

A Wakker A5 model in C/G.  Made in the USA in the last few years by one of the best of the contemporary makers. 

Made with the best materials and genuine concertina reeds these instruments play fantastically and are very beautiful. This one is one of his highest models with eight sides-in tribute to the Wheatstone Aeola-and the top finish of amboyna wood and gold plating. It also comes in a magnificent case with a storage compartment.

It has steel reeds and is in concert pitch.

A work of art which costs 6000 dollars + the additional options on this instrument-with a waiting list of approx 2 years and costing 20% of its value extra in Import duty. I estimate that it would be well over £6000 to get one of these into the country -when you have gone through the waiting period. This one is available now and can be tried before purchase -which takes the risk away of ordering something that you haven't actually seen and played.

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