Barleycorn Concertinas


Anglo Concertinas

I try to specialise in Anglo concertinas especially for the Irish market, in C/G – and that is the key that the great majority of my Anglos are in. I usually have a few of the very rare G/D’s which are most popular in English music and I try to get some in the key of Bb/F, Ab/Eb  or C#/G# Anglos range in price from £375 for a mahogany ended Lachenal 20k with steel reeds all the way up to £6000 for a top Jeffries. We tend to always have a large stock of Lachenal and Jeffries Anglos plus a few Wheatstone, Crabbs and the odd second hand modern instrument. We do not as a rule sell any cheap copies with the accordion reeds, but we do occasionally get one as part exchange which we sell as a starter instruments.


English Concertinas


We always have a large stock of English concertinas by pretty well all of the old makers – Wheatstone, Lachenals, Crabbs and the Victorian manufacturers.

The price range is from the most basic tutor model Lachenals at around £500 up to the top professional instruments at around £3500 - £4000. Occasionally we have the rarest presentation instruments made of amboyna, tortoise shell or gold plated.

We always have great numbers of 48k trebles, but we also sell miniatures, piccolos, tenors, baritones and basses when we find them – although most of those categories are hard to find and tend to have people on the waiting list for them.


Duet Concertinas


These are by far the rarest of the concertina types but we usually have between 10 and 20 in stock. Mostly they tend to be the Maccann’s  as they are more numerous than their Crane/Triumph cousins. A lot of the ones in stock are the larger ones as you really need at least a 57k Maccann or a 55 key Crane to play the Duet at its full potential.

We do get Jeffries duets in sometimes. Haydens are almost impossible to get. I have only had one in 42 years and that was a modern Wakker – who is the only person that I know who makes genuine ones at present, in any volume.