Barleycorn Concertinas

About Us

Barleycorn Concertinas began in 1972. From that day onwards, thousands of instruments have reached the hands of players from this company and we boast some of the greatest exponents of the instrument among our customers.

Why Barleycorn Concertinas

  • We are undoubtedly the largest stockist and seller of concertinas in the world – selling over 300 instruments a year
  • We work from home by mail order or meeting customers by appointment.
  • We have long experience with concertinas and provide a personal service and great knowledge.
  • No distraction of shops or shop assistants who may not specialise in the instrument.
  • No competition with other customers.
  • No constraints of shop hours.
  • You don’t pay for shop premises, rates, VAT, assistants wages etc

With Barleycorn Concertinas you buy a better quality instrument for less money.

Barleycorn Concertinas Service

  • We buy and sell, take trade ins
  • We do valuations (£10 per instrument)
  • We run a wanted list where we search for that rare and unusual instrument.
  • You can trade in the concertina which you buy from us at the same price as you paid when you upgrade that instrument in due course (always assuming that it is in the same condition as when it was sold and taking into account import duty on concertinas coming in from abroad and fluctuations in current prices)
  • We guarantee our instruments for a year from the date of sale.
  • We send instruments by mail order on a weeks approval.

Can we Export?

For years Barleycorn has been exporting to America, Ireland, Europe and Asia, often through major dealers in those countries. Without realising it many people could be playing an instrument which originated here. We now have hundreds of American customers and if you are at all concerned please check out our feedback on the web and e-bay.

Ireland is a special market for us. Over the last 30 years we have sold many hundreds of concertinas in Ireland and three times a year we make selling trips which visit (or get near to) most areas of the country. We also have a service where we pick up and return Irish buyers from Manchester Airport so that they can come and play the full range of Anglos which you can see nowhere else in the world.