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Anglo Concertinas

The cheapest anglo concertina is undoubtedly the 20 key because of its limitations. A Lachenal brass-reeded 20 key would be £250+, a good steel-reeded one with mahogany ends £300+, a rosewood ended one £400+. (In all anglo models, Jones versions will probably cost less than Lachenals). (prices £sterling at July 2009)

Wheatstone 32 key rosewood ended Anglo Concertina
Typical Wheatstone 32 key rosewood ended Anglo Concertina

The mahogany ended 30 key concertina would be from £650 with brass reeds and from £1000+ with steel reeds (26 keys and 28 keys slightly less). The favourite Lachenal 30 key rosewood would begin at £1800 (most would be £2000+) depending on quality. Metal ended ones tend to cost more but the cheapest metal end - with the crude fretwork and the metal going right to the ends - would probably be less.

In the £2000 - £3000 range you would have the better rosewood Lachenals, the better metal-ended Lachenals and the John Connor rebuilds which are exclusive to Barleycorn. Connor takes vintage reeds which we supply and produces a totally new 30 key Anglo concertina which we sell - with case - for £2500. We have a similar instrument - The Phoenix - made by the Concertina Connection in the USA. It is a top quality new instrument made with the best vintage reeds and will be in the £3750 - £4000 price range. We work closely with Wim Wakker at the Concertina Connection and recommend his repairs and products.

You would expect to pay £5000+ for a good old Crabb and £6000+ for any decent old Wheatstone or Jeffries concertina. (prices £sterling at July 2009)

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What Next?

Send us an e-mail ring us or drop us a line giving:

  • Kind of concertina you are interested in
  • Approximate price range and what requirements you have for it
  • Where you live (as there are obviously different expenses and trading rules that affect what we say)

We will send a personal list of suitable instruments to let you know what is available.


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Set of 8 reproduction postcards available at a cost of £6 ( $12 ) including Post & Packing.


There are no strict rules as to the cost of a concertina. Factors such as condition, rarity and finish all come into the equation when it comes to concertina prices.

There are endless varieties of concertinas and any prices on these pages are only guidelines as of July 2009. So don't be disappointed to find that you won't be able to acquire a Hayden duet, or buy a Jeffries for £200!